The Need...for Personal Financial Education
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Order Your Workbook Today!

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The Need...Financial issues cause individual and family problems... affecting workers' productivity and ability to concentrate on their job.

  • 61% of Americans report having "serious financial problems"...Kaiser Family Foundation survey, April 2008

  • Americans amassed over 2.5 trillion in debt in 2008...Federal Reserve Board, 2008

  • 81% of people identified money as major sources of stress in their lives...American Psychological Association survey, 2008

  • Americans lack basic financial literacy...Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) study, 2009

  • Only 41% of families with dependent children have put aside money for college...FINRA study, 2009

  • Only 51% of Americans in the 45-59 age group have attempted to calculate how much they need for retirement...FINRA study, 2009
  • "Seventy percent of American families last year said they are carrying so much debt that it is making their family lives unhappy," says Warren. "Middle-class Americans, hardworking, play-by-the-rules Americans, Americans who lost a job, who don't have health insurance, who are in the middle of a divorce--those are the Americans who are carrying enormous credit card debts."

             Elizabeth Warren Harvard Law professor, author and bankruptcy expert

  • "There is currently a glut of confusing financial information out there and with all the financial industry scams and abuses over the last three decades, how do you know who you can trust?"

    Gary Tagtmeier, CPA Founder and CEO Financial Awareness Institute

The Solution...Gary provides solutions to today's pressing financial problems.  Attendees at his presentations learn how to:

  • get out of debt so they can save for their future

  • plan for retirement

  • get more out of what they make

  • use employer provided benefits more wisely

  • select the right type of advisers: legal, tax, insurance and investments

  • gain access to information so they can safely navigate around financial pitfalls

  • prevent abuse by people in the financial services industry with questionable business practices

  • work more productively and live better by removing personal financial distractions

  • share knowlege with children and extended family members

How does Gary do this? 

  • With proven meeting presentations that last from 90
    minutes to three hours...and more formal training
    programs that last a full day

  • By simplifying money management and financial
    planning concepts

  • By motivating attendees to take action and make
    improvements in their financial lives

  • Through a strong committment to providing objective
    education and resources needed to reach personal
    financial goals and long term security

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