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Order Your Workbook Today!

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For nearly 30 years, financial advocate Gary Tagtmeier has recognized the shortage of financial understanding in middle America - a problem that has let people like Bernie Madoff pull off elaborate schemes to defraud consumers.

Whether Gary is speaking to a group of ten or a thousand, Gary's personal approach and expert knowledge help his audiences discover for themselves what is most important in their lives. He then shows them how to take charge.

Through a unique approach of blending the psychological aspects of money management and the practical mechanics of day-to-day living and spending, attendees make a shift in their thinking and are motivated to change and take charge. 

Breakout Sessions

For folks in either early or mid-career, ages 20 - 50,
Gary offers:

The Power of 5 - The Critical Elements to
Financial the New Economy

Video Demo: Power of 5: Critical Tools (1:20)

Video Demo: Power of 5: Critical Advisers (1:28)

Video Demo: Power of 5: Critical Steps (2:22)

For folks in the latter part of their career, age 50 and over,
Gary offers:

The Magic Number - The Power of 5 for
Baby Boomers...surviving the new economy

Video Demo: Retirement Planning...the Magic Number (2:57)

Overview of Gary's presentations ...for meeting planners. 

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