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Trustworthy... Major employers have hired/ engaged him to provide personal financial education as a benefit for their employees.  He has helped tens of thousands of hard working Americans for almost 30 years. 

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Objective... he feels very strongly that due to conflicts of interest in the financial services industry, personal financial direction must come from someone who sells no financial products or services.  Providing objective, unbiased direction has been Gary's cornerstone principle for over 25 years.  He sells no financial products or services.  His only interest is a committment to empower and protect individuals by proving that anyone can learn simple money management.

Read a history of financial industry abuses and a list of over 22 settlements with major banking, stockbroker, financial adviser, mutual fund, and insurance companies that have paid multi billions of dollars in settlements for consumer abuses.

Read Gary's indepth article for more information about why objective financial direction is so important. "Is Your Financial Planner Getting Rich at your Expense?"

Credible... he is a:

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Registered Investment Advisor Principle
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker

Don't get ripped off! 
"The burden of paying Helpers may cause American equity investors, overall, to earn only 80% or so of what they would earn if they just sat still and listened to no one."- Warren Buffet, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

More about Gary...

Gary Tagtmeier has spent over 30 years educating the public on personal financial matters.   Originally part of the very mainstream financial machine he so fervently monitors, he left his position as a CPA at a leading accounting firm to create his own company, the Financial Awareness Institute. 

In his early years, Gary had pursued religious studies, going on to earn an Accounting Degree at Western Illinois University, adding a CPA and Real Estate Brokers License.  Through the Financial Awareness Institute, Gary helps people in a different way – with the knowledge and expertise he has gained in the financial industry, he safe guards people against financial traps, and helps them work though financial issues that are weighing them down.  

While he has helped many people, he has seen protection for the Middle Class erode and, with increased concern, is working everyday to empower Americans so they do not have to rely on others for protection.

Gary and his wife, Mary Ann, live outside Chicago and have three grown children. 

 A Letter From Gary...

Now more than ever, Middle America is in need of financial help. The story of a “trusted” financial advisor scamming his clients out of millions, if not billions, of dollars is all too familiar.

This is unacceptable.

As an entrepreneur, father of three grown children and husband of almost 30 years, I have successfully navigated decades of financial struggles and bureaucratic red tape. From seemingly small decisions, such as how to create a monthly budget and manage rent payments, to much more complex financial choices, such as investing and tax planning , it was my willingness to learn and understand the complexities that helped me along the way.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of financial understanding in Middle America – a problem that has let people like Bernie Madoff pull off his elaborate schemes. And, too many large financial institutions are offering “objective” advice to anyone they can convince to make decisions in the best interest of the financial institution, not the individual.

As a Certified Public Accountant, licensed real estate broker and Registered Investment Advisor Principle I have the know-how to provide holistic financial advice and counsel. Most importantly, however, is that I have nothing to sell except fresh ideas and good advice.

The Financial Awareness Institute offers a wide variety of tools for helping average people make the right financial decisions. I’m sure you’ll find the right offering for you and your employees.

Gary Tagtmeier

Contact Gary at 1-800-972-7430