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 FAI's Financial Wellness Center

This package of services provides ongoing financial
education reinforcement and specific solutions to
employees personal financial challenges.  It includes
the following services:

  • All three training sessions described below.

  • Web based training...the basic money management
    course described below.  Online and available to
    employees 24/7.

  • Financial Information Portal...access to Gary's
    password protected portal that offers links to
    objective sites that compliment the content
    provided in the training.

  • Personalized one-on-one counseling...confidential and
    personalized counseling that gives specific direction for
    dealing with personal financial issues, problems or
    concerns. This service compliments the training and can
    be done in person or via telephone conference.

  • Webinars...half hour sessions scheduled quarterly about
    timely topics.

  • Articles...topical messages that can be placed in newsletters.

  • Scam alerts...semi-monthly alerts about the latest
    financial scams and frauds.

Training for Employees

Gary’s training stresses and focuses on helping employees of all ages plan for the critical life event of retirement. Younger folks more than ever need to know how to plan for this event. The training provides a holistic approach to personal money management. Through Gary’s Financial Awareness Institute, employees/attendees will gain the knowledge they need to be informed and ready to make tough decisions look easy. Classes and services include:

Onsite Training --includes brochure and email invitations, employee needs/expectation survey pre-training, seminar evaluation, Action Planning steps for participants and a 45 day email follow up about the Action Planning steps.
Gary’s training targets 3 employee groups:

  • For those in their early career, ages 21 - 35, we offer:
    Basic Money Management: Making Ends Meet...
    and Dreams Come True
    A two hour to full day seminar that teaches attendees
    how to manage and spend wisely - and to set short,
    medium and long term financial goals.  Attendees
    learn to determine their own individual needs and goals,
    and develop the road map to get their.
    (Also available online.)

  • For those in mid-career, ages 35 - 50, we offer:
    Comprehensive Money Management-
    the Financial Lifecycle Program
    A one day seminar that covers all aspects of an
    employee's financial life. It demonstrates how to
    create a solid financial base that prepares for life's
    critical events. This unique training covers not only
    the attendee, but their entire family.

  • For those in the latter part of their career, age 50 and
    over, we offer:
    Retirement Planning for Folks 50+
    A one half to full day seminar for those nearing retirement.
    This training details the step-by-step process that is
    necessary to plan for a secure retirement.

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