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Order Your Workbook Today!

Order Your Workbook Today!

Over the past 30 years, major corporations, unions, Government Agencies and the U. S. Military have hired Gary to help their employees and members with his wisdom amd experience.  The following are the types of organizations that have and that should hire Gary to help their folks:

  • Employers who recognize that personal financial issues affect productivity

  • Employers who offer an EAP (employee assistance program) as they already recognize the need to help employees with personal issues 

  • Employers who offer wellness programs as there is no question that personal financial issues impact an individuals health 

  • Employee Stock Ownership Companies (ESOPS) as they tend to be more concerned about their employees welfare

  • Employers who want employees to understand, appreciate and use benefits more wisely

  • Employers who want to increase 401(k) participation

  • Employers who want to supplement low wage increases

  • Employers who want to attract and retain top talent

  • Employers who want a unique career and personal development program

  • Associations that can use a unique program to attract and retain members

  • Progressive groups with a focus on smart business practices that reduce employees' / members' personal problems

  • Successful organizations with a committment to their employees' / members' futures and that demonstrate support through personal growth and development programs that provide real value
Client List Gary has worked with these and many others

Testimonials  from employer clients and seminar attendees

Contact Gary at 1-800-972-7430