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Relieve personal financial stress...
increase productivity


Through FAI's "Financial Wellness Center"

Gary provides:
(a) meeting breakout sessions, and
(b) employer sponsored financial wellness services

Video Demo: What Gary does and why he does it this way (1:57)

Seminar Feedback: Changing lives

Seminar Feedback: Participant perspectives

Value to employers:

Organizations that offer Gary's services realize the following benefits that positively impact the bottom line:

  • less work time spent on personal financial issues

  • less absenteeism related to personal financial issues

  • improved productivity due to less financial stress

  • lower health care costs due to less stress which affects health  

  • fewer wage garnishments due to improved money management skills

  • less turnover related to employees seeking higher pay

  • a healthier workforce
Value to employees:
  • relief from personal financial stress

  • a healthier lifestyle

  • more adequate planning for retirement and other financial goals

  • improved personal and family relationships

  • an increase in performance on the job

Gary has programs for folks who are:

  • early in their career and need to set up a plan for long term financial security

Video Demo: Accumulate Capital- Part 1 (1:46)

Video Demo: Accumulate Capital- Part 2 (1:31)

  • in mid-career and need to either stay the course or get on the right course to financial security

    Video Demo:  Demistify investing (2:39)

  • baby boomers and need to successfully plan their retirement

    Video Demo: Retirement Planning...the Magic Number (2:57)

Gary teaches:

  • the secrets of how the financial industry works

    Video Demo: Why Financial Planning is Misleading (1:49)

  • what people need to know when working with financial advisers

    Video Demo: What to Ask...3 Critical Questions (1:59)

Credibility and authenticity separate Gary from the rest of the pack.  He has nothing to "sell" except fresh ideas, nor does he provide financial services.  He is completely objective.

His only interest is a committment to empower and protect individuals by proving that anyone can learn simple money management.  Gary stresses that knowledge is power and protection for the entire family. 

Over the last 30 years, major corporations, unions, Government agencies and the U. S. Military have hired Gary to help their employees and members benefit from his wisdom and expertise.

Contact Gary at 1-800-972-7430